KCB Timeline

  1. Mohammed Saleem arrives in UK

    Mohammed Saleem comes to England At the age, 21 year old dressed in appropriate English attire Mohammed Saleem arrived at Heathrow on 3rd March 1961 with £5 in his pocket. A man who was already inspired by the words of the famous poet Allama Iqbal ‘I love the youth who throw anchors to hook the stars.’

  2. Textiles Mills

    ‘My wage was £7 per week and it made me quite happy’ is what Mohammed Saleem said to his friends when he started working in a textiles mill W.E.Yates in Bramley Leeds.'

  3. The First Store

    After only 7 years of arriving in the UK, the young Mohammed Saleem showed his entrepreneurial skills by opening a grocers shop with an investment of £55 on Leeds Road in Bradford naming it Kashmir Food Store.

  4. The New Bakery

    As an addition to expanding his business Mohammed Saleem purchased and existing bakery shop on Carrington Street in Bradford and holding on to his roots he named the business as Kashmir Bakery. Little did anyone know that this was the inception of Kashmir Crown Bakery.

  5. The Cake Rusk

    To this day the cake rusk has become an integral part of most Asian families and their love of tea. Mohammed Saleem in 1971 realised the need of providing a halal biscuit alternative which the Asian community could purchase off the shelves thus transforming a simple cake rusk biscuit and turning it into a staple diet which the factory workers would have as a meal.

  6. The Kashmir Crown Bakeries Expansion

    From 1972 to 1979 Mohammed Saleem opens two further stores. Celebrating this crowning achievement he renamed his business from Kashmir Bakery to Kashmir Crown Bakeries.

  7. Introduction to a Mr. Chris Huish

    Introduction to a Mr. Chris Huish, who supplied the MK9 Depositor to Mr. Mohammed Saleem in 1979. The Mk9 Depositor thereon proved pivotal in transforming KCB from a small local bakery into a national manufacturer & distributor of bakery products. Chris Husih sadly passed away June 2022, his memory will always remain with us at KCB.

  8. 10,000 sq ft KCB Factory Opens in Bradford

    Mohammed Saleem purchased a 10,000 sq ft factory on Worthington Street in Bradford to sustain the expansion of supply to his national distribution customers. At the same time keeping the 3 retail stores to serve the local community. Kashmir Crown Bakeries products came under high demand forcing Mohammed Saleem to start supplying to the Asian community as far as London and Scotland.

  9. KCB goes to Europe

    Mohammed Saleem had been fortunate to have his family supporting him throughout his business journey and with this cohesive strength, he was able to expand KCB to Europe.

  10. KCB in USA

    KCB grants a license to a distributor in New York to manufacture KCB products in the USA.

  11. The Brand goes into the National Supermarket-Chain

    With the growing success, we secured deals with Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons supplying them with packaged fairy cakes

  12. A decade of Expansion

    2001 1st production facility opens in New Jersey USA. 2003 KCB is awarded the prestigious ABDN Food and Drink Award in Leeds. 2005 - 2007 KCB strengths-up with two accusations the first was Taj Bakery followed by the former the site of ‘Newton House Bakery. 2009 large distribution centre opens in the UK.

  13. Mohammed Saleem Retires

    'Work hard, don’t be arrogant and live within your means.’ With these words, Mohammed Saleem steps back and hands the business over.

  14. The New CEO of KCB

    Asim Saleem appointed CEO of Kashmir Crown Bakeries.

  15. KCB - The New Era

    Asim Saleem as the new CEO takes KCB into a brand new operational success. KCB witnesses new production machinery, technologies and investing in staff training & development.

  16. Business of the Year Award

    KCB is awarded British Muslim awards by Al-Rayan Bank

  17. KCB Celebrates 50 years

    “When I look at these last 50 years other than feeling totally humbled at what my father achieved, I aspire to sustain the KCB brand for future generations.``

  18. POWER 100 Award

    At the highly opulent location of Park Lane Hilton in Mayfair London, KCB is presented with the Business and Commerce Awards by the POWER100.