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50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Celebrations

The young Asim Saleem with his father Mohammed Saleem. 1975

It has been a successful journey for the KCB brand that it has endured 50 years lasting through three generations and to this day it is still run by Asim Saleem the eldest son of Mohammed Saleem the founder of KCB.

Today, in 2018, the focus remains on providing our customers with the highest service, products and experience that is the foundation of the KCB brand.

Asim Saleem commissioned the design for KCB’s 50th Anniversary which was developed as a brand for use on packaging and other relevant KCB platforms and vehicles. The 50th  Anniversary brand was released earlier in 2018 and is now visible across KCB.  50 years for business reflects longevity in giving its customers good service and products and for this reason, celebrating the 50th Anniversary was a special moment in KCB’s history.

The launch day of the 50th-anniversary brand was attended by press and business delegates along with the celebrity Nadiya Hussain the British TV Chef, author and television presenter and the winner of the sixth series of BBC’s The Great British Bake. It was a memorable day for everyone at KCB where Nadiya and other guests had the opportunity to taste and sample the famous KCB cake rusk with tea. Asim Saleem, when interviewed by the local press, was noted to say, “When I look at these last 50 years other than feeling totally humbled at what my father achieved, I aspire to sustain the KCB brand for the future generations.”