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'Half a century of making CAKE RUSK .’ Passion for Exquisite Baking


The story of Kashmir Crown Bakeries is one of passion, ambition, hard work, the strength of relationships and community. Kashmir Crown Bakeries (KCB) was one of the first Asian bakeries in the UK. From its base in Bradford-West Yorkshire, KCB has grown into an international brand with a multimillion-pound turnover and is the biggest business of its kind in Western Europe. Kashmir Crown Bakeries now distributes to over 2,000 independent retailers in the UK and has a licensed distributor in the US. Kashmir Crown Bakeries is based on passion, ambition and hard work, but more than that its story is about the strength of growing relationships and community. Whether it is the community of customers or the network of suppliers, Kashmir Crown Bakeries has a philosophy of shared values and collaboration that is still its greatest strength.